Plegma Nodes Credentials

Plegma Nodes must be assigned a Node Key and a Secret Key, using either of the following:

This should be the integrator’s choice that is dependent on the intended final application:

Yodiwo provides tools for both options:

Security is maintained on both cases; more information about the pairing process can be found in [TODO: Dlt or Link]

Create Node Create API

Similar to how API keys can be created to enable REST services (discussed later in this document), API keys can also be linked to Nodes and be used for allowing edge devices to connect to the Cloud Backend through the Plegma API. In this case the Node does not need to know / keep the Master Key generated through the pairing process, and can instead just use the linked API Key.

This also allows the integrator to better control node access, since API keys can be individually enabled/disabled (without being removed) and can have their Quota tracked.

Linked API keys can be generated:

Alt Graph

Alt Manually Key

Generate API keys Manually