Yodiwo Wisper


This code is split into 2 main sections:

Both open under a single Visual Studio (2015) solution.


It includes all necessary dependencies to build a complete mNode package that:

Through use of Plugins, mNode can:

The built Node is also configurable to act as a local Fog Gateway providing automatic and manual local analytics, inter-mNode discovery and remote management.


Just run build from Visual Studio. The Yodiwo.mNode project will create a ready-to-execute build for Windows or Linux under Mono (version 4.2+ is suggested)


The included sample Plugins code is meant to showcase writing and embedding a Plugin for mNode. Currently the included plugins are:

After the Plugin is built, it must be placed in a new folder under /mNodeCore/mNode/bin/Release/Plugins/

This folder must have the same name as the Plugin’s UID in its manifest.json file:

"PUID": "Yodiwo.mNode.Plugins.TestPlugin",

It is advised that Release mode is used, since the referenced DLLs include in the solution have also been built this way.

When running mNode, the new Plugin will be identified and initialized; its registered Things will be sent to the cloud to be used in Apps in the Cyan Workflow Editor.