API Overview

Our Cloud Services support a plethora of protocols to carry Plegma API messages, which aids communication between yodiwo-aware nodes and our servers.

The Plegma API is publicly accessible and freely available (formal reference found here). Example implementations of the API are freely provided here for popular languages such as C, C#, Java, Javascript and others.

Currently available industry-standard protocols:



In the future we plan to support more methods for developers to reach the Yodiwo Cloud, such as RabbitMQ (a powerful AMQP based protocol) and Google Cloud Messaging.

Message Categories

The messages in Plegma roughly fall into the following categories (further analyzed in the following pages):

  1. Message & event passing which carry event triggers from points (Ports of Things in Nodes) to the Yodiwo servers and vice-versa, or between points themselves
  2. Things management & control via which Nodes present and manage the Things they encapsulate
  3. Node info & discovery where Nodes present themselves and their capabilites and learn about other Yodiwo-aware Nodes
  4. Messages that relate to the automatic graph splitting and inter-node synchronization and discovery (currently out of scope for these pages)
  5. Messages that aid the Application Agnostic Smart End Devices (currently out of scope for these pages)

All messages in the Plegma API inherit from the same base class, offering uniformity and ease in message entry and parsing.